UR22MK2 Loopback problem?

Hello! So i have recently bought an UR22Mk2 Audio Interface. I have plugged in in a condenser mic (AT2020) and an electric guitar in input2 (phantom power on. Hi-z on), headphones etc connected all good. HOW can i make to use the loopback function work for cubase plugin audio for zoom meetings. I am taking online guitar lessons and all i want to do is to transmit the sound from cubase so that my teacher can hear, not only the clean input of the interface but the vst sounds (DSP neural, Gojira etc plugins). When i activate the loopback function there is no other settting to do. He can hear my youtube video for example but not the sound from the cubase. When i try to enable direct monitor in cubase it makes a looud noise (from manual i understand its infinite loopback) and also the setting for Direct Monitor is greyed out in cubase so i cant enable it. Its so frustrating that i bought this piece of hardware and i cannot use this function… So how, what tricks, settings do i have to use in order for me to be able to play the sound from cubase into zoom?