UR22mk2 work randomly on mac m1 ventura

I just got an UR22mK2 for my MacBook Air M1 mac os ventura 13.3.1, I installed the latest driver, the latest firmware, but I can’t use it with reliability. Sometime the usb light is flashing, sometimes it is connected, after some restarts, but it seems totally random.
Now after few restarts I can’t connect the device, the USB light is flashing and no device is detected…
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for the help

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I have exactly the same hardware, same software and same issues.
It’s also frustrating that the latest driver seems older than these M1 computers we have.
What’s worse is that Steinberg doesnt seem to have anyone or even bots to help their clients with troubleshooting when this is one of the most common complaints on all their platforms.
Maybe its time to consider other alternatives because this is frustrating.