UR22mkII audio drop out SOLVED

Hello Everyone.

I bought a UR22 and it works awesome now and here is how I fixed the audio drop out. My computer has the VIA chipset which did not work with the UR22 mkII at all, also I think the headphones were not working either. Could have been a voltage problem not giving the US22 enough power. I did not want to try a powered USB hub route because it would be more stuff to keep track of.

Purchased and PPA Int’l USB 3.0 Superspead PCI-Express Card - 2Port, you can get these all over the place cheap.

Google Search, take your pick

Used the Dell driver for Windows 7

Installed the driver through the Windows Device Manager after getting they driver extracted to the computer.

The UR22 mkII works beautifully now Praise the Lord! Absolutely no audio drops or cracks and pops right from the start.

Gigabyte Mobo 78LMT-USB3
AMD FX™-6300 Six Core Processor 3.50 GHz
VIA USB chipset
16GB Ram