UR22mkII audio interface announced

Steinberg is excited to announce the release of the second iteration of the UR22 audio and MIDI interface.

Like its predecessor the UR22mkII features 192 kHz audio quality, USB 2.0 connectivity, two combo inputs with D-PRE microphone preamps, one featuring also HI-Z and two line outputs with RCA. The newly implemented class-compliant mode for iPad connectivity and the Loopback live streaming function have been added to the feature set.

On top of this, Cubasis LE, the Light Edition of our award-winning Cubasis app for iPad can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple AppStore.

The UR22mkII interface will be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop in the mid of November. The suggested retail price for the UR22mkII is 159 euros, including 19% German VAT.

More information can be found here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber


And looks like the driver is also ready for Mac 10.11 (El Capitan) !

Can this driver be used for the legacy UR22 on El Capitan ?


I got the same question.

Surprisingly my UR22 have been running quite well with the El Capitan :–)

… I only bought the UR22 last month…

Feel slightly stung ;-(

Are there any more “mk2” versions that we should be aware of in the horizon?

Me too, EmyChicken. Especially since, on my very capable Mac laptop, the signal keeps dropping out. I’m starting to think I should have gone with something else and then I hear that they’ve got this Mk2 version coming out. Feeling sorta burned right now.

It’s not about the interface it’s all about the drivers. All of the UR series use the same driver platform, I have a UR242 and i have 2 serious problems which I couldn’t get any support, so it’s better to stay away from both mkI and II…

That name is sooo similar to the old Tascam US122 MkII… weird. :open_mouth:

Hi everybody. I have bought UR22mkII recently and, as I’m a pretty new in whole audio production story, I have constant problems with some crackling in my headphones during playback MIDI VST instruments in Cubase. Even if I put buffer size on maximum level (2048 samples), I still hear bloody crackling (not constantly but periodically). I have Korg Pa80 connected with MIDI cable to audio interface (using sustain pedal too) and my PC is Win 7 OS, Intel i3 2,4gGhz, 6 GB RAM. Any idea what can be the problem??? Thanks in advance!

use driver 1,9,4,or use the newest 19,8,could fix this isue,1,9,6 driver is bad driver,uninstal it


If you are still PMM can you please request R & D get a move on with the new drivers for this product please. I recently purchased this Steinberg device but am still waiting to be able to use it as their are no drivers for my brand new computer an iMAC with 10.12 and my patience is getting a little thin. I cannot roll this back as suggested by so many :frowning:

I know you are not the PM but you have a route to him and this delay is damaging. I may have to resort to sending the Steinberg product back and buying a Japanese device.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für jede Hilfe.


Hi Stephan
It should work with the Mac OS Core Driver.
Only without the Loopback Function and you´ll to check and adjust the latency abit manually.

Ok, I was just about to hit ‘purchase’ on Amazon for the UR22 mkII.
I’m using Sierra on my mac.
Is it true that there are no drivers ?
I will have to use core audio and lose the extra functionality ?
What is the expected wait for drivers ?
Days, weeks, months ??!?!?

How do you adjust the latency manually when you’re only using the Mac OS Core Driver?

DonGrappo said:
It should work with the Mac OS Core Driver. Only without the Loopback Function and you´ll to check and adjust the latency abit manually.

I’m thinking to buy UR22 mk2 but I have got a question. Is it true that signal form external source as keyboard or other hardware is recorded only in mono even if is in stereo?

As I noted in the hardware forum, I received a Steinberg UR22MKII as a Christmas gift today and although it worked with Snow Leopard (without any additional software installation), it is a very poor piece of equipment. Extremely noisy in comparison to my Focusrite Saffire and Scarlett interfaces. The pre’s are just not even close to Focusrite quality. It is going back to the dealer tomorrow for a refund.

this product keeps restarting my mac when i shut it down any advice???