UR22mkII + Behringer C-3 | Low Gain when +48v is On

Hello. How are you doing?

I’m using a Behringer C-3 condenser microphone with Steinberg UR22 mkII. Problem is: even with +48V turned on, my mic’s signal is almost zero. Even if I put input gain at 10, it is still very low and the recordings are almost mute.

Can you help me out?

I have the same problem but using a dynamic mic!!!

Have the same problem. Only if I set the input gain to the maximum, the behringer C3 works well.
I sent the microphone to the service, thinking that the microphone is damaged.
But, the response i got from the service, was that the microphone had no fault, and worked well when using in other mixing consoles, without having to set the input gain to the maximum level.

From the service they told me, that only way this microphone to work with the UR22 is to set the input gain to the maximum!!!. There is nothing wrong with the UR22, but that’s the way it is, because of its specifications, and specifically because of its input pre-amp power. If you put behringer C3 to a “better” console with greater “input pre-amp power” you dont have this behaviour, but with UR22 you do have!
So it seems there is nothing we can do…other than having the input gain to the maximum

Using the gain at max in no problem whatsoever, if that is what it takes to get a proper input level into the daw (around -15 dB or so).
There are preamps with more gain but unless you are recording very soft sounds and/or the sound source is far away from the microphone you should be fine.