UR22mkII can run Cubase and Youtube together?

Hi everyone
I am using a chinese soundcard for singing with Cubase and Youtube but these two programs can’t work together. As Cubase will stop everytime I switch to Youtube. The reason is this soundcard can only use the driver for 1 program at a time. So I bought UR22mkII and it’s on the way. But i am not sure can UR22mkII run Cubase and Youtube together?

As far as i know, ASIO won’t run two things at a time, without workaround. What you can do though is run Cubase on the UR22, and run Youtube on your computer’s sound card/chip. Works for me, at least.

it should run both together. i don’t own ur22(i have ur44)
cubase uses asio driver and other computer applications use WDA driver.
Edit: missed the part that you sing with youtube. options:
1:you can download the audio files from youtube and import them to cubase.
2: if its there in ur22 in preferences check the “loopback” option and everything that goes trough ur22(youtube’ your mic etc…) will be recorded into cubase

Thanks everyone for the reply.
I was looking for the solution of this case and found this topic https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=101031 where ShikiSuen said " PC is a terrible choice if you want to use built-in audio to run ASIO applications. I suggest you to return your laptop and get a Mac unless you have your special purposes or necessities of using PC. In such case, an external audio interface with discrete ASIO support is of vital importance. You could simply buy a Steinberg UR22-mkII."
Then i bought a Steinberg UR22-mkII immediatly and was happy until scrolled down. My heart broken, I will received the soundcard tomorrow :frowning:

To chakkman: Can you please show me how to do in detail? Thank you very much.