UR22mkII clicks on ipad after upgrade to ios 12


SInce upgrading one ipad to ios 12 we’ve been hearing clicks when recording with iMovie and the UR22.

We tried a different ipad still on ios 11 and didn’t hear any clicks.

We can’t find anything else that has changed. An example spectrogram of a click is here:

The recent driver update notice does make me wonder if there are any similar issues with the ipad with ios 12.

“Windows only: The Yamaha Steinberg USB driver V1.10.1 solves a problem in which audio drop-outs may occur on systems that do not generate a proper USB time stamp information. The USB time stamp refers to the USB frame number on the USB data stream. During our tests to reproduce the issues reported by customers, we found several systems on which the USB frame is not being generated reliably.”

Anyone else having issues with ios 12 recording?