UR22MkII - Cracking/distoring

Hi all,

I’ve read a ton of posts on here about similar(ish) problems to those I am experiencing, but still no solution for me - I wonder if anyone can offer advice:

I bought a UR22 MkII to start learning a bit of guitar recording. I also bought the Apple CCK (USB3), a powered USB3.0 hub and other bits to get all of this working with my iPad Pro. Idea was I could use Cubasis on the iPad, then xfer projects to my PC and use Cubase AI to continue working on it. I also wanted to try using it with the iPad and BIAS as my main guitar rig.

First up, the iPad - connected everything up, and it works perfect!!! Must say Cubasis was fairly unusable until I purchased the full version, but meh :slight_smile: The whole setup worked great, seemed to be very low latency, and sounds superb.

So I got home and thought I’d plug the UR22 into my PC and play around with stuff on there. This is where all my problems start!!
I plug the guitar in and monitor it in Cubase 9.5 AI - tons of crackling and distortion come through on top of the guitar tones. They are loud (louder than the actual guitar tones, but not by much).

Unplug everything, double check and re-plug everything. Same deal.
Install ASIO4ALL - same deal.
Different USB ports (front and back of PC, USB2 and USB3) - same deal.
So I tried the USB HUB that I bought to use with the iPad Pro (it’s a USB3.0 powered hub, so should avoid ground loop) - same deal.

Getting quite frustrated with it at this point, which is surprisingly rare for me.

I tried some other software - Amplitube 4 mostly sounds ok, although I tried it again later and there was some of the crackling/distortion there too.
Tried both inputs, and input 2 with/without Hi-Z - same deal.
I also tried Reaper, same deal there too.

So I’m kind of at a loss as for what to do next. I’ve exhausted most of what I can think of trying. I’ve had lots of other interfaces with no problems like this. Even right now, I can plug in another interface (even a rocksmith cable) and get no crackling. Yet I don’t think it’s necessarily the hardware as it works great through the ipad.

Drivers - likely culprit, although I thought using ASIO4ALL would eliminate some of that.
Hardware - still possible, maybe it’s susceptible to ground loop - forums and google-fu suggest this may be the case.

All I know is I need to find a solution, and fast. Currently I can’t use this interface with my PC.
End of this week I will return it and buy something different in it’s place.

So any other suggestions of things to try before I completely ditch Steinberg?? (If this interface goes back then no point using Cubase anymore either, I’ll go back to Reaper).


I bought the UR22MkII recently and had problems with noise (on just about everything) when I first plugged it in using the default Win 10 driver. I updated the driver (download from the website , don’t rely on Windows to update drivers correctly ) and its been fine ever since. I have some probs with clicks on one particular track using Ableton but this might be unrelated, I haven’t checked it with another interface yet.