Ur22mkii doesn't connect

I have monterey 12.3 on my macbook pro 2017 with thunderbolt ports and my ur22mkii doesn’t connect…I’ve red always the same answers, install newest firmare e usb drivers and i’ve done it but it doesn’t work. Someone can help me?

I have the same problem! Installed firmware, updated driver. MacOS 12.2.1 here, doesn’t work.

And I am yet another with the same or similar problem.
I cannot record into Cubase or Melodyne although both programs recognise the UR22mkII.
I can record into Amadeus (a small audio program) on my MacBook using the UR22 and it works fine on my iPad.
Cubase 12 on a 2021 MacBook Pro running Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1. + latest drivers

Solution I was given, and it worked in my case.
Go to Security and Privacy preferences and allow Cubase access to microphone.