UR22MKII Drop outs

Hi guys. I know a lot of people are having issues with the UR interfaces. I have drop outs on a Win10 system with UR22MKII. What’s interesting is that it seems to only occur when I have my RAM set at XMP speeds. I’ve ended up with 2 sets of RAM because originally I thought that’s what the problem was.

One set of RAM the SPD value is 2133mhz and the other is 2666mhz. The XMP for both is 3600MHZ with CL18. I have a Ryzen 5 3600 so having fast ram is ideal for my system.

I’ve seen others stating that doing things like turning off Turbo Boost (Intel) or Precision Boost (AMD) solves their problem. I understand this is marketed for DAW use and audio recording. However, playing games on my PC is also a hobby and I don’t think those are acceptable solutions. Neither is running my RAM at SPD values or going into BIOS everytime I want to game with some buddies.

I use the interface while gaming as it’s convenient to use a dynamic mic to talk to buddies on Discord and have the volume knob within arm’s reach instead of sliders in Windows.

I’ve tested my system with an old Line 6 PodXT (I think it’s over 12 years old) and it works fine, no USB drop outs. So it isn’t my system, has nothing to do with things like USB mouse and keyboard software, or my Windows power settings. The Yamaha drivers don’t work well in Win10. I used this interface on a Win7 system for a few years without any issues.

I really like the interface itself, physically built well with the metal housing. I need midi and strongly prefer having external adapter instead of USB powered. The drivers are just totally unacceptable. Does anyone have information regarding Yamaha writing new ones?

It doesn’t seem like a great idea to go out and spend what I spent on the UR22mkii for something that isn’t even an upgrade, even though I originally bought this interface a long time ago.