UR22mkII horrible distorted high pitched noise

This thing is “occasional” in the same way as explosive diarrhea is just a minor inconvenience. I get it every other minute. :frowning:

Hmm weird, 1.9.4 seems to work just fine for me. Do you have the latest firmware?

I upgraded to latest firmware 2 weeks ago, didn’t matter. If you get an error that the 1.9.4. can’t install because there is a newer version of the driver installed make sure to uninstall the 1.9.6 driver via software panel. Uninstalling via device panel is not enough.

All is now fine here with the v1.9.5 and Firmware 1.02, little CPU Spikes on playing VSTi in the DAW, but the horrible high distorted frequencies are gone. Thx to Viszkislacy for the Link with the older Driver.

Yes, I have latest firmware (updating was a mistake i made while trying to sort this mess out), and no - 1.9.4 just doesn’t cut it for me for some reason. I can open the driver settings, but my device is not identified and no sound comes out. 1.9.5 on the other hand i can’t access the driver settings and thus can’t control my ASIO sampling rate and all that good stuff, but at least noise problem is gone (or so i think).

Great thanks for the link, Viszkislacy!!!


Just wanted to post an update to the ticket I raised, after a couple of emails back and forth insisting this was a driver issue Steinberg support eventually came back with this comment:

Thanks a lot for your mail.

Yamaha is already informed about the issue and is working on a solution. We will release a new driver to fix that problem I guess. Unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact date. We don’t have feedback about that yet.

I am sorry for all the trouble you had.

Best regards,

So hopefully, this issue may be fixed for the next driver release, whenever that might be. For now, I am running 1.9.5 and it is working just fine.


I am glad that Steinberg admits something is wrong. I already reported the issue on Dec 8th 2015. On Jan 11th I received this email which totally not addresses the issue:

Dear Mr. Vissenberg,

Thanks a lot for your mail. Sorry for the late reply.

Please check the settings of the samplerate and the Buffersize. The driver version 1.9.6 is teh last one and should be compatible with Windows 10.

Best regards,

Jan Riesener
Technical Support

After waiting for a month I no longer felt that a reply to this nonsense answer would help.

The curious thing is that the issue went away in Jan by itself but resurfaced a couple of days ago. Now it is even worse than before. Files stutter while playback, totally unworkable situation.
What I noticed is that the CPU load started to go up and up during play back situations while not many instruments were playing. Guess it’s just bad programming of the drivers.
Yamaha hurry up, I am very disappointed it took them so long to recognise the issue and now we have no idea when it will be solved, it is almost March!!!

Want to add to my previous post. I uninstalled the 1.9.6 drivers and reverted to 1.9.5 but the same issue. Does anyone have the same problem with 1.9.5? Will try 1.9.4 now. All audio is afflicted, not just Cubase also when playing a Youtube clip.

Got so fed up with the dropouts that I digged into my box with old hardware and got my Creative Audigy4 out again. Works like a charm, very low latency and no drop outs. Guess Creative is better at programming drivers. Quite disappointing Steinberg/Yamaha…

So happy I found this thread, I was about ready to return my UR22 mkII. I’m running FW v1.02 with Windows 7 (64bit). I just downgraded to driver 1.9.5 and everything appears to be working properly.

Thanks again for the tip.

Have same issue.
Windows 10 Pro x64. Installed latest driver from the web 1.9.6, updated firmware to 1.02 and had this problem having sound from any source: youtube, cubase, foobar2000 etc.

Downgraded to CD provided rivers and everything is smooth as butter.

What is the way to submit problem to Steinber? As My Steinberg does not support submitting. I hope they check forum to see available problems.

Using latest v1.9.8 driver, issue is resolved.

new driver 1,9,8 is up,we will see if that fix the problem,

just installed the new driver and the latency is enormous. A composition that runs fine on my, not very powerful, laptop just stutters and is unbearable to listen to on my PC. I can see the metres of the audio processing load jump into red all the time. I reinstalled the Creative Audigy4 and it works fine again.

BAD PROGRAMMING YAMAHA. you should be ashamed!!!

Hey Everyone

I am sorry to pull this bAck but…I have the same issues described in this post.
Got it about 4 months ago and now that i started to use it and i have the same problems…distortion, squicking sounds, horror movie.
Its frustrating cause i already tried all the drivers steinberg provides in their website and nothing works! Not even the driver that comes with the cd.
ANY BODY has drivers that work???

Please Help cause im about to go nuts! ; )


Glad you got it worked out! can you please send me the divers you are using, cause im going through the same deal.
thanks if possible!

hi There’ So i’ve had that audio interface for awhile now and im afraid its just junk, i get that high pitch noise every few minutes i never could do anything with it, updating the drivers did nothing to prevent this from happening… literally i threw a 150$ in the garbage.
never again…

Now, it’s 2020. I’ve got the same problem like you bro.
I tried to find the previous version of driver, this has been fixed. God bless you all, i’ve almost throw it away. My UR22MKii.