UR22MKII Interface not working with Logic Pro

Hi, I’ve just upgraded from Yosemite to Catalina 10.15.5 and downloaded the latest Logic Pro X 10.5.1.

Unfortunately my Steinberg UR22MKII interface doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve downloaded the firmware V104 version1.0.3 and the driver V2.0.3. However, though it shows up in the Audio setting of Logic, and looks fine in the Audio Midi Setup, there’s no sound coming through at all, even when I test it with a loop.
Would really appreciate some urgent help with this issue, thanks in advance!

I wish I had an answer for you, but I’m in solidarity with you. The interface works and I can see it’s able to pick up the instrument, but Logic doesn’t read it as an input.

Hoping someone can answer this.


I have the same request. Does anybody know: is it possible to run steinberg ur22mkII on the macbook air 2020 M1? and… work with Logic Pro?

I have same the problem with MacOS Big Sur.

Same. Just updated to Big Sur and the UR22mkII disappears when I open Logic (or Garageband for that matter)
Does a Rep ever look at these forums?
Steinberg!!.. Hello!.. Anybody out there???..
If it’s a paperweight, please confirm so we can move on.

Habe das Problem bei mir gelöst.
Hatte das gleiche Thema. Logic oder auch andere Software öffnen und zack hat er das UR als Ausgabe und Eingabegerät entfernt.

  1. aktuellen Treiber herunterladen
  2. den installierten Treiber deinstallieren
  3. Mac ausschalten und UR22 mkII ausschalten und USB Verbindung trennen
  4. Restart
  5. den aktuellen Treiber installieren
  6. Restart
  7. UR22 mkII USB anschließen und einschalten