UR22MKII microphone level question

I’m very new to voice recording and have a quick question. I have a UR22MKII and am getting familiar with it.
I have a microphone, the 48V light is on, and when I listen to myself with headphones either on the full monitor or DAW setting it sounds fine, very clear.
I listen to myself through Audacity (Windows) and it sounds fine recording and on playback, but the level looks extremely low, and I had to amplify it with a plugin to export my podcast or else it would be too quiet. It sounded ok, but I’d rather skip that amplify plugin and just have the original level higher?

EDIT: I guess I should add I’m using the laptop’s bus power. When I get home I’ll try the 5v usb instead. If anybody wants to give me hope that will fix things I’d love to hear it. :confused:

Am I missing something?

Replying to my own post, maybe useful to someone:

Problem was the microphone pattern was not what I thought it was. Once I re-positioned the mic the levels seemed normal. Also the mic has a very quick level drop-off as you move away from it at a given volume.

That said, I still have to set the gain level for the mic at 3’oclock or so (i.e. 70-80%) to get what I consider a “normal” level in Audacity…but I don’t hear or see any significant noise or hiss introduced, but haven’t done a long recording yet.

So far so good, I guess.