UR22mkii Mixes Channel 1 and 2 Together

Hi all,
I recently started having this issue where channel 1 and 2 get mixed together. So for example, (I use GarageBand) say I have a mic line set up using channel 1 and another line for a guitar using channel 2 the mic line will record both the guitar and the mic as if it was on stereo mode. I have even tried setting up a mic line on GB and making sure that it is using channel one on the UR22 but instead of plugging in to channel 1 I plug in to channel 2 and I get a signal recorded on the mic track, even though I clearly have it set up to record only from channel 1.

I have tried: updating the firmware, updating the driver, using an older mac with OS High Sierra since there was a set back when Catalina got rolled out, I’ve tried using a different USB cable, I’ve check all the settings on the UR22mkii to see if I accidentally changed something but it all looks good. I have never had this issue in the past and I’ve had it for about 4 years now. I’m beginning to think it might just be broken.

I have also noticed that if I turn down all the gain knobs and output knobs I can still get a signal on GB coming out of the UR22. This should not be the case right? So this is making me think there might be something fundamentally wrong with my UR22.

Anyway, anything helps! Thank you very much!