UR22mkII mutes randomly

My UR22MKII has had this problem since I bought it a few months ago: it randomly mutes for about 1-2 seconds every several minutes or so.

I’ve tried various settings with the little “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” Windows program, changing the buffer size and the sample size and that makes no difference. The said program is updated to the latest version and also I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version successfully.

No other sound card on this computer has this issue.

Anyone experienced this? Any solutions?


By the way, it makes no difference whether it’s connected directly to the USB port on the laptop or a powered hub or whether I use it using the USB power from the computer or use the dedicated USB power option. These things also make no difference.

Very disappointing product. I have re-installed drivers and so on. Same thing happening with mine. Waste of money if you can’t use it to record because it keeps dropping out.

Please contact support if you’re having trouble with your interface. Also make sure that your buffer size is set to something reasonable, and your OS power options are set to High Performance.