UR22mkII not found in Cubase (after Windows Update)

Hi everyone,

after the latest Windos 10 Update (2022-10-11, KB5018410) my UR22mkII interface is not recognized anymore in Cubase (Elements 12.0.20).

The interface still works fine with any other application, except Cubase.

What I tried:

  • plugin into different USB-Ports
  • reboot Windows
  • reinstallation of different versions of the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver
  • adding the interface manually in Cubase (Studio → Studio Setup → Audio); doesn’t work, because UR22 does not appear there

I didn’t tried rolling back the windows update, which I only want to try as my last resort.

Has anyone faced similar issues and if so, is there a solution for this?


The name of the driver is different. It is called Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver.

Thanks for the tipp, but for me there is no “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” at choice.

Install it? Maybe it needs an update as well?

I have installed it. Had an old version installed and tried two different new versions. That does not seem to bee the issue.

SOLVED: I did a firmware update for my UR22mkII and now it works!
(you can find the firmware update on the steinberg site, I am not allowed to post a link here)