UR22mkII not recognized at all (Windows)

I bought a UR22mkII interface and it is not being recognized by my computer(s). I installed the latest driver (2.04), I tried it on 4 different PCs (Windows 10 and 7), yet I only see the USB-light on the interface blinking and it does not show up in the device manager at all. When I try to install the firmware update, it also tells me that the device is not connected. Unfortunately I bought the device used (although basically new). Is there any possible solution to this problem, or did I get scammed?

The led should be steady, not blinking.
First thing I would try is to test it with another usb cable.
Second, connect an external power supply (USB wall wart) to the micro usb on the back of the ur22, and move the slider to external power in.
Then try to switch usb ports, test them one after another.
If you still cant get it to work, unplug all other usb connectors, restart computer.
That’s all I can think of. My ur22 does not always fire up without external psu, so i just use the external power in at all times.

Thank you so much! I finally found a usb cable that made it work!

Hey that´s great!