Ur22mkii Pre-amp bypass?

I heard the UR22 you cannot by pass the pre-amps on the interface.

Can you do this with the UR22mkII ? I would like to buy a Neve clone and hook into the Ur22mkii but want to know if I can bypass the mic-pre’s before I buy the Neve.

Obviously the line inputs…

Does this bypass mic pre’s completely? I did not know that.

Should the gain be at 0 on the interface?

I don’t think they are bypassed completely.
You can still use gain when using line input.

It all depends on what you think is going on. Mic pre’s need to take a very small signal and boost it to a larger one and present the correct impedance for the microphone, also provide phantom power when needed. Line inputs do the same minus the need for the extra gain and phantom power. So going into the line input will bypass the mic pre section completely. whether a gain control is provided or not is relatively irreverent.

Basically the mic pre will drive into the line section, which also provides a buffer from loading the A/D.