UR22MKII Progressive Latency

I just purchased a UR22MKII for live gigs to use with MainStage.

When the night starts, the latency is fine … no issues.

By the time the third set rolls around (about 2 hours in), the latency is VERY noticeable and progresses throughout the night. Obviously I can’t restart in the middle of a gig/set.

Has anyone had this issue?

It’s almost as if the RAM is getting filled up or something of that sort … as in it progressively gets more latency to the point where my timing is off while playing.

I’ll have to check but I think my buffer settings are at 256 or lower.

I’m on a MacBook Pro i7 with 16GB RAM.

The latency never happened before I bought this unit. I was using the headphone jack for years and latency was never an issue.

ANY help is appreciated.

I am also having this problem (also with the UR22MKII). I contacted Steinberg customer support and they said the problem is on Ableton’s end. It would be great if anyone could provide feedback about this.

Same issue here, if you “reset” the soundcard by changing a driver setting or turning the audio engine on/off it starts working with no latency again. Anyone with a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Some of us have been having the same problem with Cubase. For me at least rolling the driver back to 1.10.1 has helped.