UR22mkII - recording with iPhone - distorsion signal

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using UR22mkII since a few years to record with Cubase and never had a problem. Few weeks ago I’ve decided to use iPhone X. The ideea was to record video and audio in the same time.

The connection is as follows:

  • all instruments connected to the mixer (Yamaha Stagepas 600i)
  • mixer (monitor OUT) connected with UR22mkII (IN)
  • UR22mkII connected with iPhone via USB cable

First recording was excellent. No comments.

After a few days I resume recording with iPhone. SURPRISE!
The sound is not anymore clear. There is some kind of distorsion and I can not understand why. I did nothing wrong.
I’ve changed the cables, microphones. I’ve changed even the iPhone. Same result. Distorsion still persists.

Kindly advice if someone knows what can be the problem. I expect this is audio interface. Service might be required.