UR22mkII Scribbled sound from the headphones output \ Headphones outputs only mono

Something is wrong with my UR22mkII headphones output, It outputs only low volume scribbled sound in mono.

When I change the balance in Ableton to only left or right, the output becomes much stronger, but still, plays on both sides (mono).
Sometimes, when I turn the PHONES knob on the UR22mkII to maximum, there is no output at all.
Some audio sounds scribbled like some 6-bit effect.

I tried removing the driver, reinstalling it, and upgrading to the latest firmware, and changing the format frequency - nothing helps.

Any Ideas?

I seem to be having the same sort of issue. I thought it was a mp3 phase thing but realized my guitar signal was muffled also. In reaper I insert a mp3, set asio codec and output to ur22mkII and get muffled sound. Panning makes the side I’m panning to be louder and clear like it should be on that side. I’ve been on reaper forums too regarding this. But seems to be the ur22mkII. When I set waveout codec and output to realtek speakers on pc, bam it’s normal audio headphone or speaker. This is without closing reaper, just changing the codec and output. I’ve submitted a ticket about it.

Did you have any luck?