UR22mkII: Two interfaces shown in Mac Audio setup, but only one is present

I have a UR22mkII plugged into a USB port on a Macbook Air running MacOS 11.5.2.

When the Mac starts up, Audio Settings shows a Steinberg interface, but it does show a USB connection. The audio interface does not operate in this configuraiton.

If I unplug the interface from the Mac, then plug it back in, a second Steinberg interface appears in the Audio Settings, this one does show a a USB connection, and it has to be manually selected in order to use the hardware.

I don’t remember exactly when this problem first appeared; maybe 6 months ago. Prior to that, the Audio Settings showed the device with a USB connection upon reboot, and I never had to make any kind of manual selection.

How can I restore this original behavior?

Thank you,

The attached image shows what the audio output settings look like after the hardware has been disconnected and reconnected. The upper Steinberg device is the one that appeared on startup. The lower one appeared when the hardware was unplugged and plugged back in.