Ur22mkii unusable

I’m using my ur22mkii thru usb as an audio interface to record my guitar but when I open amplitube or a vst in reaper I get high pitched noise similar to feedback or a ring mod when the knob is turned to daw. When it’s turned to input I get dry guitar that sounds fine. I have the latest drivers installed and the firmware updates along with aiso4all, I’ve tried multiple PCs and still not getting a proper signal.

I saw through google someone mentioned 1.9.4 drivers working correctly but I cannot find them anywhere.

It’s probably feedback from the built in microphone on your computer. Try deselecting it.

No built in mic on my desktop. I also disabled all of my sound devices and the problem still persists. I’m starting to think the problem is the unit itself and I should start looking at another one.

It is probably related to a setting, and not a bad unit if it works in some applications.
On VST Connections are there any inputs selected?
Oh… BTW which DAW are you using? Cubase?

This happens on my PC in reaper (as soon as I load a vst the wet signal becomes shrill noise) and my wife’s laptop in Amplitube custom shop. I’ve tried various sampling rates and driver settings which makes no difference so far. My last hope is to hunt down the 1.9.4 windows drivers to see if that solves it but all I can find is the mac version so far.

I really think this is setting related and specifically related to the selected input. Are you relatively new to using DAWs or have you some experience? I don’t know Reaper but can you check what is selected as the input source in Reaper and/or Amplitube when the screeching happens?

The driver put different and later version and last September. It’s just awful))
What to do? dear manufacturers ?)))
there is a cyclic crack, what could be the problem?
usb2.0 imac usb 3.0 Help advice)

Interestingly it was an easy fix. Somehow the feedback loop turned on while I was playing so all the noise was being created by the infinite loop being created. I feel like an idiot but in my defense the driver setting changed in the driver menu by itself. Thanks to all that tried to help!

glad you got it working!