UR22MKii: Using the 5V DC port

On page 5 of the UR22MKii Operations Manual, there’s a hint about using the 5V DC port:

Even when the UR22mkII is connected to a computer, you can supply power via the [5V DC] port by external power supply if the [POWER SOURCE] switch is set to the [5V DC] side. Using an external power supply can help to prevent noise and other audio degradation caused by drawing power from the USB terminal of a computer.

As such, I understand the box can be connected to the computer AND a 5V DC adapter, and that if the power switch was set to 5V, the adapter overrides the computer as the power source. I also understand from a subsequent instruction that the box is required to be connected to the computer in order for the power to come on, regardless of the power source.

However, when I set the switch to the 5V side, the USB indicator light turns off, which suggests no power is coming through.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Or a different understanding of this hint?


it just for Ipad bro :’(

I’m sorry to resurrect this topic, but I have the exact same issue with my UR22mk2.
The manual, quoted in the first post, clearly suggests that this should work with a computer too, not only with iPads.

If I connect the 5V micro-USB cable to an external 5V power supply, the interface won’t turn on (checked with multiple supplies, 1A, 2A, doesn’t matter).
If I connect the 5V micro-USB cable, and plug that cable to the same laptop to which the normal (data) USB cable is connected, it works, but kind of defeats the purpose of powering from an external supply…

Did anyone figure out what the cause of this issue is?