UR242 ACtivation on multiple computers


I bought a UR242 interface yesterday but when I got home realised that there is an activation process.
I have two computers, a desktop (on which I use a USB licensor and Cubase Pro) and a laptop (on which I use a soft licensor with Cubase LE).

I assume the activation relates to the VSTs that come with the interface but it is not very clear.

Obviously I want to use the interface on either computer but with the soft licensor on the laptop. I don’t need to use the VSTs on the laptop, I just want to use the interface and be able to manage the DSP on the device.

On the desktop it will be a full install.

Can I do this?


The activation isn’t for the interface, you should be able to use it on both computers by just installing the drivers.
The activation is probably for whichever version of Cubase comes with the UR242