UR242 and Audacity

Hello, I hope this hasn’t been already covered here. When using Audacity the rear input jacks (line 3 & 4) don’t show up. Running signal into the fronts is fine, but I don’t need the extra preamp since I’m merely ripping vinyl so I would like to use the rear inputs.

Does anyone know how to make Audacity ‘see’ the rear jacks? I know that if I engage the ‘loopback’ feature that it works but this seems like it will cause other problems like doubling during playback or feedback, etc.


Is there a way, using the dspMix software to make channels 3 & 4 the main recording channels so Audacity will recognize them?

bump, same issue

up, same issue here. For some reason audacity won’t show line input 3/4?

Not possible on Windows, I guess, unless you compile a version with non-distributable ASIO support by yourself.
Not quite sure if it works then though.

May be less hassle to record with Reaper. Or Cubase of course.