UR242 Background noise !

Hi all.
I have an issue with UR242 audio interface, would be thankful if anybody could help me.
My setup is

iPad air 1
Cubasis 2.7
UR242 interface
Korg kronos 2
Access virus TI desktop

Whenever I select UR242 as “audio” in Cubasis settings, I see a constant noise indication in the mixer lines of hardware instruments (Korg kronos and Virus TI) but the noise level for soft synths is zero. If I select Kronos as “audio” the noise line disappears in the mixer tracks. (photo attached)

UR242 connects to iPad via USB+Apple camera kit (through a USB hub), it seems the USB hub is not the culprit, this happens also if I connect to iPad directly.

Korg is connected to UR242 via balanced good quality cables to lines in 3/4 at the back, Virus is connected via balanced cables to lines in 1/2 at the front, no Pad, Hi-Z, or whatsoever is turned on, the same happens if I pull virus jacks out from 1/2.

Apart from the visual indicator, I feel my recordings are not clean either. Does anybody have any idea what should I do? Is there any setting in dspMixFx app I could change to eliminate the noise?
Thank you for taking the time to read.


try pwoer UR in other socket, like in other room etc…

i have similiar problem when i plug my PC & UR in UPS

Will try, thank you.