UR242 Clean guitar sound gets distorted

Hello, hello,

I have my electric guitar plugged into the UR242, and the sound that comes out of that starts nice and clean, but after some time ( 10-15 min ) becomes distorted.

I tracked the problem down to the UR242/guitar by removing the Plugins, Daw, Computer, Drivers from the equation.

It is therefore impossible to record clean guitar parts, as the original signal is distorted already.

Is it something someone around here has encountered ?

What happens if you unplug the interface from the computer and then plug it right back? Does it happen only with guitar or also with microphones?

Thank you for your answer,

Shortly after the distortion appeared, I unplugged the interface and the distortion went away, I then plugged it back in and it was distorted. So I unplugged it again, but this time it stayed distorted.
I didn’t touch anything else in the meantime, just strumming to check the sound quality.

I have been looking to try with a microphone or a different instrument, but I just have the guitar with me at the moment. Definitely worth exploring when I get the chance to.

Or if you have access to a DI box you could try the guitar through that.
I forgot to ask, but I guess that a restart of whatever software you are using does not make the distortion go away?

No it doesn’t,
I tried troubleshooting all the software/drivers/computer related stuff first, unsuccessfully.
Then unplugged the interface from the computer entirely and checked the sound from the headphones output on the interface directly, and it was distorted there too. So I guess it narrows things down to the hardware.

I will try with a DI box, thanks for the suggestion !

Ookay, I feel a bit silly now, but it looks like the problem is solved !

The DI Box idea led me to thinking about the quality of the signal in general : Turns out the battery of my guitar’s microphones was dead/dying, which explains the good start, with the bit of juice left in the battery, then quickly getting into poor quality signal .

not my proudest moment, but I’m glad it’s nothing too serious there. Hope this can help somebody in the same situation in the future, and thanks Strummer for the support