UR242: Direct monitoring always on in macOS?

I’m using macOS Sierra 10.12.1 and I have a guitar plugged into input 1.

With no apps open, I can hear the clean guitar through both the headphones and my speakers/monitors. I looked at the UR242 manual and it seems that “Direct Monitoring” is enabled. However, I do not see anyway to enable or disable Direct Monitoring in hardware or software.

When I open “Yamaha Steinberg USB” in System Preferences, I get no options, only an “About” window.

If I open my DAW (Ableton Live 9.7), I hear both the clean Direct Monitoring guitar signal AND the processed signal from my DAW at the same time.

How can I turn off Direct Monitoring?

Nothing huh? Sort of a big problem…

Trying again… to confirm there are NO hardware controls for monitoring on/off. Even when my UR242 is UNPLUGGED from my computer, I still hear the input of my guitar coming out of the headphones/speakers.

How can I turn off Direct Monitoring?

Solo the Daw channel in DspMix app.