UR242 Gain Control does not work properly

Hi there,

I have got a UR242 last year and it is been working very well since then. However, a few weeks ago after I turned the UR242 off then turned it back on. The input from the microphone is very low that I could barely hear anything unless I turned the gain control to the max. (Even I turned off the PAD)

It used to let me adjust the gain control to change the input volume, even I turned to a low gain I could still hear something quite clear with low volume from the microphone. Now, I could only hear the microphone when the gain control is turned to max.

I have contacted the seller that my product is still under warranty and they have swapped a completely new device. The issue is still there.

The devices I have is UR242 audio interface, Rode NT1 and Sennheiser HD 380 Pro headphone with Windows 10.

I have also attached the recording capture comparison with the same settings I used to have.

Just wondering what causes this problem and is this happening to other people as well.

Thank you. :smiley:

I mean, is phantom power turned on?

If what you mean is the +48v, then yes it is on the whole time.