UR242 hardware integration problem in Cubase mixer(9.5.10)

Up to Cubase 9.5 pro all worked fine in cubase mixer. After 9.5.10 it stopped working correctly.
Button is not moving. It doesnt give the function to record the sound with out DSP effect. I want to listen (not to record the DSP effect) the effect when Im recording.
I´m using UR242(1.01 firmware), driver 1.10.0(win64bit), Cubase 9.5.10 pro
I have tried reinstalling older drivers, upgraded ur242 firmware, but it only works when i downgrade cubase 9.5.10 to 9.5 or 9 version.
in mixer hardware error.jpg

Fixed with Cubase Pro 9.5.20 update, but still when I open project witch saved as 9.5.10 version and press “hardware” in the mixer,it will disappear…

I’m having the same problem with MR816CSX and 9.5.2.

It’s a big prob when doing vocals.

It’s happens to me even if have created a project in 9.5.2