Ur242, is it a multi client interface?

Hey guys,

Really loving the Steinberg software. My problem is, my Rode Ai-1 interface is not multi client, which means I can not use Cubase and Chrome/Spotify at the same time. Now I know that it’s not a problem with RME soundcards. Yet it’s a bit out of my budget atm. I’ve put my eyes on the ur242 card and I wonder if It’s a multi client interface? Yes, I do know about the work arouns with Windows drivers and all, it’s just not the answer for me.


It’s an ASIO interface, which means it is designed for best performance with ASIO applications, such as Cubase. But it also works with other Windows Audio apps, for example Audacity or Windows Media Player, Video games, etc. I have used it for multiple apps simultaneously before (I have the UR44). I have had Cubase, Guitar Rig, Guitar Pro, Windows Media Player, and the Microsoft Edge browser all open and working at the same time before.
I hope that answers your questions.

Thanks for the answer. I hope it will work for me too!

I have set “Release the driver” option in Cubase. It kinda works, but it’s not perfect. Maybe Steinberg card will work as I want…

I should also mention that there is an option, in the Windows properties panel for the UR sound device, that says something like, “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device…” You want that un-checked.

Thanks for mentioning this. I will check that out when I get my card

Hey, me again.

So I got my UR242. Problem is, the tab in which the “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device…” was, has disappeared after I connected the Steinberg’s interface. Any ideas how can I find it/recover it?

Oh nevermind. I downloaded the drivers from Steinberg’s website and it’s all running nice and smooth. Sorry for bothering.