UR242 loopback use input 1&2, how to select other input port

when loopback function selected, input ports 1&2 will play the sound from the speakers.
why cannot select input 3&4 ? input 1/2 with “D-amp” , when loopback selected means that if you want to use loopback and record your sound at same time you need to add mic amp and use input port 3/4, or you will get all sounds mix into one channel.
I think it is a mistake in design. how to select other channels when select loopback?

I’ve found the exact same problem. Really surprised by the design choice, means you can’t separate the computer’s audio and any mic requiring phantom power. Feels like such a great feature, ruined.

There is a way to achieve what you want. Use the loopback function + the direct monitoring function. For me it works fine. Don’t forget to enable the speaker on your track and to setup direct monitoring in the sound device setup in Cubase. When your setup is ok record for example your voice and the sound of a youtube video at the same time. When your recording is done, disable the speaker on your track and listen to the result :slight_smile:.