UR242 low headphone volume in Win 10, but ableton super loud

I just got a ur242 and I have an issue where the volume in Win 10 (volume bar and youtube, etc.) is low, but ableton is super loud when the interface knob is turned up close to halfway or more. The win 10 volume setting can be maxed, but it doesn’t affect abletons volume. Only the headphone knob on the ur242 affects abletons volume thought it also affects win 10’s volume as well.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how to level everything out?

The thing here is that when Ableton is in use (and some other audio applications), the ASIO (Audio System Input Output) technology is being used. This essentially “bypasses” the Windows Audio panel. It is a lower latency, more directly connected and controlled audio protocol. The browser and Media Player, etc., in Windows do not use ASIO technology. Of course, the headphone knob on the UR will affect everything because it takes effect after the signal has left the computer and just before it is sent to the actual headphones. Personally, I keep the Media Player and Windows volumes pretty high and the output level on the UR unit fairly low. That seems to work pretty well.