UR242, Mic Problem / Windows

Hi guys,

So I got the UR242 recently and i set up my equipment, but when It comes to the mic i get problems. I have INPUT 1 for my Electric Guitar so i have access to the Hi-Z, and the INPUT 2 for my Vocal mic which uses an XLR ROAD NT 1-A if you guys are familiar with it. I switch on the +48 Phantom power and my MIC works like a charm, i can hear vocal from my monitor’s and the dspMixFx UR242 picks up on the vocal indicator…but one problem… My PC doesn’t recognize it as a MIC not even for Skype!

Can some one help me, or give me a solution without changing my Inputs ?

Thanks in advance.

Dose no one have this issue? Is it possibel!! Or can someone redirect me to stinbergs support group, cause i found nothing on there website FAQ or Help.

Try to set your interface as Windows default audio device or maybe try the loopback function. If that would work for skype.

It is setup as my soundcard, i just cant seem to find the chanel input to select as a comunication device. All it showes me is the driver in general :confused:

What did you do I’m having the same problem