UR242 seems to change the input sound of guitars


I am using an UR242 between Hughes & Kettner tube amp and Cubase 10 to record an electric guitar with humbuckers ( and single coils as the humbuckers are splitable).
Related to what goes out of the cabinet connected to the amplifier, I can’t get a correct sound when I use as input for Cubase the sound from the DI output of the amplifier.
The DI output from this amplifier is known for its quality, and it seems that the UR242 is changing the signal in a drastic way.

A clear sound appears as distorded and is impossible to use, even after checking the peak level on the UR242 ?

Any idea on how to suppress any change introduced by the UR242 would be welcome!;


Are you using a cabinet sim?

What is a cabinet slim ?

Probably not unless the amp head line out has a built in speaker simulator. If you go directly from your amplifier head into Cubase, it is not going to sound good because there is no speaker simulation. Try loading VST amp rack and just choose a cabinet sim.
Other possible problems are the signal from the amp is too hot going into the UR. If you are plugging in to the inputs 1/2 with a 1/4" phono plug, those are hi impedance instrument level inputs, not designed for line level signals. In that case try inputs 3/4 on the back of the UR. I think you will still need a cabinet simulator for it to sound like an actual amp/speaker though.

Bottom line though is that the UR shouldn’t be changing any sound if it is being used correctly.

I solved my problem, suppressing the amp emulations and reverb introduced by UR242 and its VST and correctly setting the input line.
The H&K DI signal is now ok.