UR242, Sound popping problem.

Hey guys,

I seem to have a small problem, every now and then i get a popping sound form my Speakers and i can even hear it from the headphones.

Any Idea guys please ? :slight_smile:

System Specs:
Steinberg UR242
2x Monitors KRK Rokit5 - connections XLR to 5mm Jack (Gold Plated) Left and Right Input’s
RODE Mic NT1-A - XLR -M to XLR-F - using (Input 1) - Gain set to 0
Electric Guitar ( 5mm M to 5mm M ) (gold plated )- using (Input 2 ) Gain set to 0
QPAD QH-90 Headphones (Gold Plated )


asio overload, check asio meter and raise buffer size

and/or bad edits causing a click at cut points, use cut at zero crossing.