UR242 turn off input channel?

Hello everyone, I’m new here so I hope I don’t post this in the wrong place.

I recently got my hands on a UR242 which I use for voice and guitar recording but also as input for voice chatting. As I don’t want to annoy my neighbours with my playing I have a setup for silent playing through the interface and into my headphones. But I also like to play sometimes while in a skype call or the likes of it, this is not always (i.e rarely) desirable so
So I’m wondering if there is a way to turn off an input channel and only send to the direct monitoring instead, I’ve tried to use dspMixFX but that only seems to alter monitoring and not the actual input. My previous interface (behringer xenyx 302) had a button for switching an rca input between main mix and monitoring which is what I’m looking for in some way, prefarably with one of the XLR/Jack channels.

Any ideas are welcome.