UR242 USB audio interface announced

Steinberg is excited to announce the latest addition to its acclaimed UR series of audio interfaces:

The UR242 features 192 kHz audio quality, USB 2.0 connectivity, MIDI input and output alongside two combo inputs with D-PRE microphone preamps and PAD switch, two additional line inputs and two balanced line outputs. On top of this the UR242 features DSP-powered latency-free monitoring with effects and connectivity with the iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit / Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

The UR242 interface will be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop within this month. The suggested retail price for the UR242 is 219 Euros, including 19% German VAT.

More information can be found here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

how much longer till I can get my hands on one of these. :question: I want these features but I need mobile set up sooner then later. thanks :exclamation:

I would like to know if this firmware 2.1 of the UR44 which provides ‘the REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics with other iOS audio apps’ will be launched for the model UR242 and if it will allow the use of the app in the ipad.
Will this update from UR44 be available for model UR242?
Thank you in advanced.

Stefan, your forgot to mention in description, that this thing monitors input signals in MONO only. Important restriction for many users… At the moment I am returning UR242…

Hello guys, first post in this forum, and precisely because I bought yesterday my first Steinberg product and it was an UR242.

I have a pair of HS7 and I was happy with the Yamaha performance (extremely satisfied with those).
The reason i bought the UR242 instead the UR22 was in the first place I’ve read a good thing about steinberg drivers and compatibility 100% with MAC. Another thing: connectors in the back for a mixer, which is a good thing besides the ones for monitors. And finally, many of other interfaces with the same features didn’t include a separated knob for phones and monitors (output) and this does. So trust me that I was extremely excited when I decided to buy this interface replacing other from Focusrite that basically died when connecting a condensed mic.

So far with this product I’m 50-50…i have a couple of concerns:

1.- The phones output level is really low (as i’ve read in other threads with other units happens as well). Maybe is a good thing…so we don’t get our ears damaged (thinking positive haha), but using it for mastering and mixing, it is really hard to hear correctly some freq. There is a solution that doesn’t include buying another item like an amp?
Is this on purpose? I mean…my previous interface was not the best on the market but c’mon…i could mix and produce with high volume levels without distortion and with the UR242, turning up the knob just make it a pain for my ears.

2.- The AC adapter makes any good for the product and the quality of the sound when not using external instruments (like a midi or an electric guitar)? I just found it uncomfortable…specially because apparently it doesn’t add any power to the sound.

I’m ok with the Tools and the dspMIX even if i don’t know yet i’m gonna use it, but one thing I still don’t understand it’s if the dspMIX is working all the time or only when you open the app. I mean, when I open the dspMIX even if i don’t touch any slide or button, a minimum reverb is added to the mix (see attachment).

My question is…this affects to the things i’m listening all the time when producing? if that’s the case it would be absolutely unnecessary in my opinion, but maybe you can give me a better answer.

Thanks for the attention, hope you can give me some replies here since i’m pretty much new with steinberg products.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 15.40.22.png

Hi, I,too recently bought this unit and I am extremely happy with it.I get the lowest latency I’ve ever had 4 in,5 out.
1)The max I can set the headphones level before my ears hurt is halfway up.
The dsp mixer is always on.So check the DAW and master volume level and make sure it is on 0db(double click on the slider and it’ll go to 0db)
2)The AC adapter is something I wanted because I just don’t trust usb ports for powering anything.I’ve always had minor issues.I don’t know if it makes any difference in sound…guess not.

The dsp mixer is a bit tricky.Like I said it is always on but not when cubase is loaded.In cubase you can access the dsp effects,etc from the mixer and as vst plugins.
So…you can turn reverb off by turning the blue knob to left (reverb send) on each of the 4 channels.2 left channels are for the front inputs and 2 right channels for the back inputs.You can only use one effect on one mono channel.Linked channels can’t use drive,crunch,etc.The channel strip (compressor-eq) can be used in all channels.All effects are only for the inputs.

One last thing that hasn’t been advertised that much(I saw it by accident on a youtube vid) is that with your PC/mac off you can turn the ur242 on,plug in an instrument play like an amp.For example ,if you set the left front input channel on clean and right front input channel drive, you can plug your guitar in either one and have the equivelant sound.

Ins.Fx means your choices are audible on your PC while mon.fx means it’s only in your headphones.
Hope I helped a bit.I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. :smiley:

Have recently purchased this interface after reading good reviews,I record mainly keyboards so in use the 3/4 inputs on the rear panel.Now although, after installation, I can hear my audio when PC is switched on,when I turn on my Cubase 8,I can’t hear the audio,though I can see it as it is registering in the input register on the transport panel.
This is probably something really simple I’m missing here,but basically I can’t hear my audio in DAW mode,please help :blush:

Could you tell please what’s inside of the device? Numbers are good, but still insides matter.

If I had a UR242, the power supply, iPad Air 2 and camera connection kit would the phantom power work? Also, what is the max gain on the D Pre mic preamps?

Thank you