ur242 won't start, nor cubase with new update HELP!!!!

Just got my windows 10 updated to version 1709 - happened by itself.

Now cubase 9.5 refuses to start. I am in serious trouble - This is my work. I need help ASAP.

At start up it gets stuck here (picture)
stuck ur242.jpg
Wheter my device (ur242) is on or not it suddenly wants to install something (firmware I think) and nothing happens. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and firmware of the ur242. When I try to install the firmware for the ur242 the same problem happens.

Obviously this is a compatibility issue with the latest windows 10 update. I need a fix soon, because I have deadline on Tuesday. This is unacceptable.

There is a thread about this which involves reinstalling the software but I see you said you already tried that. Maybe looking at the thread might reveal something. It is the first Sticky thread in the UR Forum.

Thanks a bunch. I’ll check it out! There is no thumbs up button anymore?

I have a similar problem! Any success solving it??