UR24C out2 not visible in windows?

I’m not able to see the second output of UR24C.
In particular I want use main output in Cantabile host (and I can find it of course) and I need to use the second output in windows player or other application (like winlive pro) to play wave file in a separate way respect the main out. That’s why on main output (output 1) I use VST by mean of Cantabile and on OUT2 I should like to play a beckground track with WinLive Pro or easily windows media player…I have istalled driver but I can only see (and choose) for media player (windows) or for winlive the OUT1 and I can’t see and choose OUT2. I don’t use card o register or with cubase…I only use to play VST (on MAIN channel) and background track on OUT2…does the UR24c do the job that I need?