UR24C won't power up with the USB C connection

Hello. I have a UR24C on a fairly new and beefy Windows 11 machine. About a week ago the interface stopped powering up with just the USB connection, so I’ve been using the micro USB port for power. It just randomly without any hardware changes.

Here’s a weird behavior I noticed. When powering up the computer, it will power up as expected using the 5v power. Now when I flip the switch over to the C connector, it will power up as well. In other words, the C connection will function only when the interface is powered by the 5v first.

I checked the BIOS settings, drivers, Windows settings, etc. The cable is certified and it did work for about a month just find. No dice with any attempts. I’m not even sure it’s a problem with the interface, but I’m curious if anyone else has come across this and hopefully has a solution.

Thanks :blush:

The UR24C needs only 4.5W (or about 1A).
That’s not a lot for any well-designed USB-C port.
It’s very well possible that the UR24C (as any USB device) needs a very brief power surge (over 1A) when powering up, but still should not cause any problem on USB-C these days.

If it was working fine until recently, look back deeper into something you could have changed?

  • phantom power usage?
    • still should not be enough difference to cause an issue, but…
  • added other USB devices (a synth? or a hub?) to your computer?
    • on some computers the USB power budget is shared among many ports.

Does the power light flash?

I would not take cable certification too seriously, have you tried a different USB-C cable?

Checked all the noted items. I don’t have another cable at this moment, but I’ll get one from a reputable brand. That said, it does work once it boots up with the 5v. I can even unplug that altogether and work with the C cable as long as I don’t turn off my computer.

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