UR24M interface + Control Room Setup (9.5 Pro)


I purchased a Steinberg UR24M USB interface to work with my Cubase 9.5 Pro. I’ve had it forever, but recent additions to my studio (3 pairs of monitor speakers) are beginning to force me to use the interface as it was actually designed.

The issue comes from Playback on earphones. A lot of my artists require the ability to hear themselves while recording, and I cannot get them to hear the mic while recording. The only way I can achieve that is to change the ASIO drivers from the Steinberg Wave to ASIO4ALL.

I know the solution for this is to set up Control Room inside Cubase Pro itself, but I cant seem to get it to function as I need it to. I can get the playback for the artist, through Control Room, but when I do, I lose the usage of a most of my reference speakers. I realize I’m likely setting it up wrong, but YouTube videos have only gotten me so far.

I figured I would ask here, instead, to see if anyone has had any personal experience in setting this combo up. The Yamaha DSPx software that came with the interface is practically impossible to navigate through, so perhaps someone can give me a dumbed down version of how to get all this set up.

My gear that I’m trying to get to work is as follows:
Three separate pair of monitors (Two pairs of Behringer Truth series, one Avantone Active reference cubes)
ONE Input (SM7B via XLR)
TWO headphone outputs

Thanks in advance, if you can help!

Now maybe the first thing you should start with is reading (Apart from manuals) the package of your interface - I can not find a UR24M…