UR28 help.

Hey folks, how about some quick info bits please.
What exactly are the Pan buttons for?
Is there a preference for using the TRS in jacks as opposed to using the combo in jacks? Right now I’m running everything through the combo in jacks.(guitar, condenser mic, synths, and guitar thru effects pedal).
Should I use the pan buttons for synths?
What is the most harmful thing I could do to my UR28 concerning in/out connections?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Do you mean PAD buttons? When you turn this switch on, the input signal level of the MIC/LINE/HI-Z will be attenuated by 26 dB. Turn this switch on when connecting high output equipment, such as a synthesizer, to the
MIC/LINE/HI-Z. (Manual Page 5)

Typically you would use the combo jacks for you mics, (XLR connection), as this will engage the preamp. The 1/4 jack in the combo can be used for guitar/bass or external instrument like a synth or EP. Line Inputs 3/4 would most likely be used for instruments as well or an external preamp. [/quote]

Yes, I meant the Pad buttons. Is using or not usingthe PAD buttons in certain settings going to be detrimental to the continuing function of the interface?
What else do I use the high-z buttons for? Just guitars and bass? I always run my Strat thru a digitech effects pedal into the XLR/TRS jack without using the high-z button.
The interface didn’t blow-up…so I’m assuming it’s an OK setup…

Yes, I think you’re okay with that setup.

high-z is short for “high impedance”. For musicians that usually means things like electric guitars and basses that don’t provide any power of their own.

But most microphones, which also don’t provide their own power, are low impedance. Don’t ask me why - I do software, not hardware. Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong here!

Anyway, things with power supplies, like keyboards or guitar effects boxes (such as my ancient DigiTech GNX3, which I dearly love) or “line out” jacks, usually provide a “line level” signal which is good for inputs 3-6 on the UR28M (inputs 1-2 can also be fed line level signal.)


Thanks for the replies. Is the little MP3 jack on the back of the UR28 an actual input? How is it configured as a bus? I mean I know it is an input but I couldn’t find a way to set-it up as a Bus connection.

It’s not a bus. It’s an input that can be used to connect external devices, i.e. cd, Ipod, etc. You can’t use it to add inputs into your DAW.