UR28 - unreliable?

I’m interested in the UR28, but fairly alarmed at what I read here on this forum. There appears to be a windows explorer bug that has been reported for some time and not commented on by Steinberg, and also noisy outputs, among other issues. Have Steinberg stopped development of the UR28?

Wow, 7 days and no response from punters or Steinberg. I’ll take it as a “yes”, then. Shame - the design of the product looks really good, but serious bugs and problems reported here - unacknowledged and not fixed - far outweigh the positives. I’ll be buying a soundcard from a company with a strong record of support and reliability.

Mines working fine here :smiley:


Whats the bug about…? Maybe we don’t see the point of your issue since you are not been specific…
I use those suckers all the time UR28M and UR824 output is fine… Make sure you troubleshoot your connections to your speakers and that your electricity is clean before you make conclusions like this…

Buddy Use a ground lift if you are using a laptop or if you are not using balanced cables.
ALSO it helps if you add your signature and gear… Just a thought… mmh!?

Seen and hearing is believing to some so here you go:

Producing a band by using UR interfaces and Cubase 6.5
The whole album will be produced this way with my Rain Computers Livebook A2 laptop and both, UR28M and UR824… Stand by for more…

Yamaha C7 Grand Piano:

Peruvian Cajon: I’m playing the Cajon

Acoustic Guitar:

Salvador, that all sounds fantastic :smiley:

I would say those 3 videos speak a thousand words about how these interfaces work.


Thanks for the replies - glad to hear it’s working for some folks. The issues I’m talking about are all found right here on the forum:


and here


They both have multiple people reporting them, no solution and no acknowledgement by Steinberg, which in many ways is the most important thing to me. Problems always happen - I need to have confidence that when they do, they will be addressed.

Ok well they’re definite bugs but they’re not show stoppers or in any way stop you from working with them.

If you want to save as into a different folder then first make a different folder using windows explorer then use the Cubase dialogue to save as, not a big deal really is it as long as you’re aware of it?


That bug was first reported 11 months ago. I don’t want to be difficult, but that to me is extremely poor service, and really does not inspire confidence in Steinberg’s ability to adequately support their hardware products.

The single most important thing about a product is that it is rock solid and stable. I find it fairly incredible that people take the attitude that a serious bug, causing a crash, can be identified and reported, and 11 months later everyone just carries on living with it. Then there’s the hissy monitoring, reported in the other thread. Sure, with the former there may be a workaround, but it’s not really the point - a very normal, daily operation causes the system to crash. And worse, as far as I can tell, nobody from Steinberg has ever once even acknowledged it. I am a music and audio professional, and I will pay for a product with professional support.

It’s such a shame. The UR28M looks absolutely perfect for me - a 5.1 monitor controller, just enough inputs. I don’t even need an external mixer with it. My alternative is an RME Babyface and a small Allen and Heath mixer. It will cost three times the amount, but I will pay it if Steinberg really cannot support their own products.

you asked if it was unreliable, the answer is ,no it’s not unreliable otherwise myself or any other professional user wouldn’t use them.

Yes there’s a bug but it has a simple work around. The hissing monitors? well I haven’t got that issue, perhaps some one doesn’t know about gain structure/Balanced cables/Clean power etc.


Well, I guess you could call a system “reliable” when it has a bug that consistently causes a crash in normal operation - I was perhaps using a broader meaning of the word!

As for hiss - I’d just like to know really. So you’re saying that you get no hiss at all from monitoring? I appreciate that it doesn’t affect recordings, but posts like this:

…don’t inspire confidence (a follow up post added that this happens with nothing else connected). Again, multiple people reporting it, no response from Steinberg.

In a broad point, I often think companies don’t realise how damaging it is to leave theads like this with no comment - people in my position looking to buy stuff frequently do their homework by scanning forums for user experience. If they choose to ignore all user feedback, it doesn’t create a good impression.

yes I agree, I suppose though looking at it the other way there are plenty of people using them without issues who don’t frequent forums or post comments. Also some manufacturers censor negative comments on forums so you’re not getting a real view there either if you happen to visit to do some research.

Also with a lot of review sites etc it’s very easy to put up glowing reviews from insiders to make something look good.
The internet is a great thing but sometimes filtering out ‘good’ information is a real challenge.


Yeah, all agreed.

Sigh… it’s very frustrating. I’ll need to get a Babyface, ADAT converter and a mixer, which is ludicrous overkill but the only way to get what I need otherwise. The UR28M has the exact spec I need - it’s even self-powered so I can use it with an external input with the main PC off. Grrrr.

Hello noiseboyuk,

Development for the UR28M is still ongoing and there will be regular updates as for all Steinberg hardware and software products. Please be aware that this forum is a user forum and not an official support forum, so we can’t reply to every request, report or complaint immediately.

Like with all products unfortunately there are some users that encounter more issues with the product than other users. Some of these problems are caused by individual system setups and compatibility issues while some might be more general. Of course we are constantly working on enhacing our products based on reports from users here in the forum and users that are in direct contact with our support staff.

If you take a look at the press reviews you will see that the overall feedback of professionals has been very positive. And taking a look at the comments of many other users here in the forum or on dealer shop sites you will see that the overall perception of the UR28M is good.

If you, as you mentioned, appreciate the design of the UR28M, I can only encourage you to ask your local dealer if you can try out the UR28M to make sure that it fullfills all your requirements.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan, thanks for the reply - good to hear that development is ongoing. I did read the sound on sound review that was very promising.

I appreciate that you can’t have a running commentary on every issue on the forum, but 11 months to fix a bug that multiple users have reported does seem excessively high. If you can confirm that this issue in particular is now being addressed, it might just tip me over the edge! There’s no doubt that the UR28M is the product that fits my purposes best, I just want to be sure that I’m not resigned to workrounds and very long waits to get any issues fixed.

Again, thanks for your input here.

Well, I’m afraid I’ve decided to buy elsewhere, which is such a shame. With no reply to my last to assure me that the 11 month old bug is being addressed, and my recent discovery that there is a compatibility issue with EW Play - http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=25411 (again, unacknowledged), there seems little credible alternative.

Obviously feel free to disregard this feedback, but as a full time audio / music professional, we need really solid driver support to consider the products. The UR28M is very well conceived, and offers professional features that few - arguably any - competitors can match. But if the fundamentals aren’t in place, then all that terrific work is for nothing. I humbly suggest that you guys revist your resource allocation, giving a little more priority to ongoing driver support. I suspect it will fall on deaf ears, but no harm in trying I guess.

Thanks to all those who contributed on this thread, very much appreciated.

Good decission.
I would never buy any Steinberg hardware again.
With a RME Interface you can do no wrong. Excellent driversupport. Lowest latencies, Fantastic monitormixer and Digicheck as a freebie on top.