UR28 Yamaha DSP Channel Strip in Cubase7

I cannot find any way to access the Yamaha DSP Channel Strip in Cubase7. That means I can’t adjust the morphing sweet spot EQ or compressor while direct monitoring vocals ect. The only place I found REVx adjustments was up in the “audio hardware” settings. At least I know how to make some changes there; though.

With the previous version of Cubase; there was a very easy-to-use chain of options relating to the direct monitoring and recording of DSP effects on channels which used UR28M inputs. I’m kind of bummed because I spent a lot of money on this software and I feel stuck.

Do you know how I can access these settings in the new version of Cubase?


you find them in the mixer.
In the mixer you have to select “Hardware” in “Racks”. Then click the “e” near “fx”…

Just take a look at the attached screenshot.

One more point:

Don’t forget to select “input channels” in “channel types”. Otherwise the input channels are not visible in the mixer.

Thank you WEM! You have done a tremendously good deed by showing me this. I was hopeless in finding that.