UR28M and Control Room in C7

I’m curious about this unit. How messy could this get, installing it alongside my Delta 1010 PCI-e…?

Would I just have to be diligent as to which hardware/driver goes with which project…?

And what about Control Room integration - once I re-patch all cables through the UR unit, assigning the click, Cue sends, Talkback, Headphone channel etc, will all be good to go…? i.e. the UR unit doesn’t negate the CR in Cubase does it… just not clear from what I’ve read.

I guess my ideal world would be a combination of this UR28M (dedicated buttons for Dim, Mono, Mute and Output selectors) and the UR824 for all the inputs/outputs…! A hardware talkback button with dedicated channel would be great too…

Guess I’ll dream on. :slight_smile:

Anyone with any comment/advice/insight please…?