UR28M and native Surround output on Win7


I would like to use the UR28M interface to playback 5.1 Audio from Windows7 (not by using the asio driver in Cubase). Cubase allows you to selectively route outpouts via the “VST Connections” to create a custom surround mix but the majority of pro sound cards do not have drivers that allow windows to use the outputs natively. Let me explain…

If you put in a DVD with Dolby Surround to playback, your motherboard soundcard [Realtek etc] will properly route the signals to all the 5.1 channels and you can hear the movie in surround.

This is good.

If you choose a pro-soundcard (I’m testing locally with an M-Audio 410 and M-Audio Profilre 610) under windows “sound” you can enable all the channels, test the speakers (Advanced > Test : works audio is cycled through all my 6 speakers)

but then if you try to play a DVD or a video game in surround, you only get stereo and no sound comes out from Ls/Rs/C/Lfe.

So my question is: does the UM28M have a windows 8 driver for this purpose that properly steers the audio channels? If you have tested this scenario on your system, please reply!

Surely someone here knows the asnwer…?

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


Short answer right now is no, its not possible to make the UR28M a 5.1 device outside of a DAW environment. Don’t know if its a software limitation or just the way they designed the hardware.