UR28M and studio monitors

What about connectivity between the UR28M interface and it’s studio monitors? Does the UR28M require active (powered) or passive (not powered) studio monitors? Can one make due with home stereo speakers to cut costs (these may require some kind of makeshift connection, right? what is it?). Finally, i’m told 200 CDN is plenty of for a pair of competent speakers to relay Cubase mixes…can’t afford more than that…thanks.

Aloha j,

There are many monitors from which to choose.
(I’m sure other Cubase users will also chime in on this).

These may work for you.
They are at the top end of you price rang tho’. ($300.00 for a pair)

Even then when I consider what I spent on my Genelecs….



Aloha curteye…those speakers are looking like they sound great…but $200 is my limit—the big money goes to the computer, eh?

i need to know what monitors ( in the stated price range ) work best with the interface UR28M ?..passive or active monitors?..that is, respectively “no amplification required”—passive or “amplification required”—active…?


from canada

…and any considerations our forum would say about home stereo speakers as monitors—i have two six inch speakers
that want to be part of the project…


correction: active monitor = self amplified
passive monitor = needs amplification

The UR28M works with one type…which is it?


The UR28M will send ‘line level’ signal to a power amp.

It does not matter if that amp is built into the speaker or not.

It sounds to me that you are just getting started going down this road.
In your case I would recommend powered monitors.
Reason being there will be less chance for an ‘newbie type’ accident that might blow them up.

Also think about this:

No matter what ‘up front’ gear you have, (even if it is worth millions of $$$)
will still end up at the final stage. YER SPEAKERS!

For this reason one rule of thumb is to spend half your budget on monitors.

Food for thought and YMMV.

I would add to that; no point in spending a lot on monitors if your room isn’t treated properly.




How do you properly treat what is basically a cube with stuff-in-it …?
Two walls are solid cement, the other two converge on a window…but it’s a small room

I’ll treat monitors as low priority for now…until i get an ear for them.



Check out the Samson MediaOne 5a’s–they aren’t half bad and they’re in your budget.

I had the 3a’s for about 4-6 months until I couldn’t stand it any more then I went to guitar center in Nashville where they have an acoustically treated room full of beautiful monitors that are within reach of the project studio budget. After much contemplation I went with a pair of Mackie MR5MKII’s. The high end isn’t hyped and the bass is similarly impressive without engaging the EQ on the back or adding a sub. All this for $300.

I would also recommend you stay away from KRK’s (M-Audio isn’t exactly cream of the crop either).

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, the UR as any other soundcard requires an external amplifier for your monitors. Many manufacturers have been mentioned Mackies, Adams, Yamaha are all good. I agree with Bane regarding the KRKs, in my comparison tests, they were also the worst of the lot - even the Behringers were better (speaking of which, don’t forget to check out Behringers :wink:

Regarding room treatment, proper orientation in conjunction with a few absorbers and traps placed strategically around the room will usually help to improve the accuracy/flatness (audio perspective) of the room - specifically for the designated “listening position”.