UR28M and Surface Pro 6 and Cubase 11 Pro on W10 ... anyone?


Anyone doing well with this combo (title)?


Just for anyone coming by later … This worked fine with some remote recording, using direct monitoring through the UR28M.

Hi there, I guess that it has been a long time since you open this topic, the thing is that I’ve just got a UR28M which i really like very much but i have a problem when I open cubase and select the card from the program automatically cancelled the direct monitoring of the card and I’m not able anymore to use its dedicated app to manage the inputs and outputs of it did you found out something that could solve this issue? thanks


Will try to help!

Just for background,

  1. Have you had the UR28M working before? If so, what is different/has changed in your configuration since then?
  2. What “computer” are you using?
  3. Can you attach a screen shot or two of your Connections window (F4, at least on a Windows machine)
  4. “Mac or PC?”


Hi there,

So no, I just got the UR28M and tried to use it for the first time yesterday, the problem doesn’t show up when I use it with Logic or Ableton but strangely (as it is from the same brand) it happens when I use it with Cubase, I’m not home now but as soon as I got back I will make the screenshots that you’ve asked me for and send them you and thanks for assisting!!!

Sure thing.

I’m traveling so it will be by memory, but hopefully one of us will be able to help! :blush:

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